August, 2021

Latest Generation Offset Cooling Fills for Power Station in Western India

Latest Generation Offset Cooling Fills for Power Station in Western India

AS Cooling Technologies was recently awarded the single largest contract by Adani Power Maharashtra (APML) to supply and install offset cooling fills in a large Induced Draft Cooling Tower at their Power Station in Western India.

ASCTI had previously executed a renovation and upgrade job for 40 cells with the same offset type of fills. After successful implementation and utmost client satisfaction, APML placed a repeat order for an additional 66 cells, to make it 106 cells in total.

The additional order of 66 cells was part of a phased approach strategy to replace the existing cross corrugated film fills with high efficiency and low fouling heat transfer media, to improve the cooling performance and overall plant efficiency.

As specialists in wet cooling renovation and thermal upgrade, ASCTI recommended the use of the latest generation offset fills of flute size 21 mm. The fills offer low fouling capability, high thermal efficiency, and low air side resistance.

Larger channel opening, vertical-offset sheet profile, and low pressure drop are further characteristics of the fill which allows increased airflow through the tower, contributing to better cooling. These polypropylene fills would replace the existing fouled PVC fill packs to improve cooling performance at the same auxiliary power consumption.

These fills are highly resistant to fouling and hence have a long service life compared to the existing PVC fill packs, thereby offering a sustained improvement in thermal performance throughout the lifecycle of cooling towers.

Also, the use of polypropylene technology ensures production of robust fill blocks offering greater rigidity and long life compared to poly vinyl chloride (PVC) fills. The use of PP fills also helped the client with ease of access in maintaining the water distribution system which was otherwise impossible with the existing fragile PVC fill packs.

ASCTI used a unique automatic welding process for assembly of individual fill sheets to form a sturdy nested block, a first of its kind in India and by far, the most advanced and superior connection technology available to date. This method produced highly stable and sturdy fill packs compared to any other means of assembly technology.

Once completed, this project will likely be the single largest renovation and upgrade project at the same power plant location, in India.

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