Cooling Tower Parts & Spares

Cooling tower spare parts including fans, motors , drives, couplings, fill (packing), distribution piping and nozzles, drift eliminators and louvers

Trickle fills


  • High performance droplet cooling fills for moderately polluted water
  • Trickle fills are operating in large NDCT’s in India for the past 13 yrs with no replacement
  • Quick to install using self locking mechanism (glue-free)
  • Used as a walkway for maintenance of water distribution system
  • High resistance to clogging – can handle TSS between 350 -1000 ppm
  • Easy to clean with a water jet
  • Trickle fills are approved by NTPC, NPCIL and other State Gencos.
  • Trickle fills are working in sea water NDCT’s (4 nos) for more than 5 yrs

New generation Trickle fills


  • Combination of vertical & diagonal fill structure in one assembled fill block.
  • High thermal performance & low fouling capability in every assembled block
  • Low pressure drop for increased air flow
  • Fire retardant grades on request
  • Recommended for high polluted water-can handle TSS upto 500 ppm on a continuous operation

Low fouling Offset film fills-OS 21


  • Ideal solution as a replacement for CF 19 fills with persistent fouling issues
  • Cross & Vertical structure generates high turbulence and hence high thermal efficiency.
  • Robust assembled blocks using automatic welding technology, eliminates the need for solvent.
  • Made in PVC/PP
  • High mechanical stability and load bearing capacity with PP fills
  • Automatic fill thickness distribution due to direct extrusion from granulates
  • Recommended for medium polluted water-can handle TSS upto 150 ppm on continuous operation
  • Offset fills are in operation in India for the past 4 yrs without any replacement

High performance sprayers


  • Choice of efficient sprayer designs-Upward/downward
  • Low pressure, type tested nozzles
  • Multi-stage design ensures uniform water distribution across the plan area
  • Finely developed spray particles enhance spray zone cooling efficiency
  • Interchangeable orifice to suit the desired water flow rate

Drift eliminators


  • Multiple product designs to suit plant requirement
  • High separation efficiency due to product design
  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • Flexibility in dimensions : adaptable to plant requirements according to client request
  • CTI certified drift loss-0.0005%
  • Available in PP/PVC

We are certified to the standards of Energy Australia, EDF & Adani Power


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