July, 2021

AS Cooling Technologies supply new cooling towers for India’s first 2G Ethanol Bio-refinery

AS Cooling Technologies supply new cooling towers for India’s first 2G Ethanol Bio-refinery

The new build cooling tower project for the 2G Ethanol plant is for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. This initiative was initiated by the Government of India to aid in the production of blending of ethanol with petrol, to reduce the dependency on import of crude oil. The Government of India has set a target to achieve 20% blending of ethanol with petrol by the year 2025.

The plant will have the capacity of producing 10 tons of biomass per day, by converting bagasse, rice straw, bamboo, etc. to ethanol in less than 24 hours. The project will also significantly help in reducing CO2 emissions from the paddy straw which currently is being burnt after harvesting.

Ethanol blending in petrol increases the oxygen content in fuel and ensures 100% clean combusting of petrol, this helps reduce vehicle exhaust emissions to a large extend.

Apart from this, ethanol blending can also go a long way in reducing the import burden of petroleum, saving foreign exchange and providing income for sugar cane farmers, and thus protecting the environment.

AS-CTI has taken up the challenge by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited to complete the project within 13 months despite tough competition from industry leaders. We will do this together with our EPCM partner Technip India Limited.

The broad scope of work includes design, engineering, procurement, supply, inspection and delivery to site. We will also be responsible for the civil construction, erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and performance testing of the new 6 cell FRP cooling towers along with RCC basin, RCC pump sump, piping, side stream filters, chemical dosing system, electrical and instrumentation.

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