April, 2021

High efficiency drift eliminator installation – Udupi Power Corporation

High efficiency drift eliminator installation – Udupi Power Corporation

AS Cooling Technologies India was contracted by Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) to supply and install 8000 sq.m of drift eliminator for a large Natural Draft Cooling Tower, in Udupi Karnataka.

The existing drift eliminators caused excessive drift loss leading to corrosion of adjacent plant & equipment and increased water consumption. With stringent environmental regulations in place, UPCL decided to replace the existing drift eliminators with a high efficiency design to resolve this issue.

AS Cooling Technologies India Pvt Ltd (ASCTI) suggested to use a modular profile type drift eliminator with reduced blade spacing to control the drift rates to as low as <0.001% of the circulating water flow rate.

Despite a highly constrained delivery and erection schedule, we have successfully completed, incident free, the dismantling, assembly and safe installation of new drift eliminators in a record time of 18 days from start of work to handover.

A qualified supervisor from ASCTI was on site to oversee the dismantling and erection activities and to ensure all work was carried out safely in accordance with our specifications and client requirement.

ASCTI was fully committed to complete the project on time and this was evident from the Project Management approach and swift decisions taken during the crisis to complete the project well within the agreed time schedule and during the allotted plant shutdown, without compromising on the technical and quality standards.

A long lifetime and optimal performance will be the result of our efforts.

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